How to buy jackets

Jackets contrast - optional - Experience papers : Briefly describes the origins of jackets , as well as different size people wearing jackets different effects ; jackets and how to identify the quality of the appearance of understanding said.

How to buy replica jackets

Jacket originated in the Nordic and Eskimo national costumes . The original jacket is made ​​of leather , as snow , wind , hunting purposes. Today, jacket materials were no longer limited to natural leather , a variety of texture of fabrics, such as artificial leather, corduroy, flannel , wool , sturdy it, washed silk , sand silk . And chemical fiber cloth and so on can be used to make jackets, and jacket style is very rich.

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Optional jacket , first according to their body type to choose a different style.

Body fat people , the choice of V-neck single breasted jacket decorated surface , so that the wearer to produce a shortened shoulder , neck lengthening effect.

Body fat for women who choose only the main line or broken knife blade with a jacket , will highlight the contours of the body , look slim , delicate.

Short stature , should pay attention to the relative simplicity of the collar not too big , not too complicated decorative front door , otherwise , would appear to be more short stature .

Lanky man, wearing marsupial tongue patch pocket jacket , will become more steady and firm .

Secondly , according to their body , color to choose different color jacket . If the body crude fat , should choose a cool color jacket , gives a firm, youthful feel. If the figure is small or relatively lanky , choose a warm jacket , you can make the wearer look more tall and strong . Also , buy the same jacket as an optional other garments , have attention to its size and quality . Jacket length or slightly shorter than the tunic suit, generally based on the human body standing, hands naturally hang down , wrists far as the subject . When fitting , slightly wide chest , back should be appropriate, forward hand when unrestrained sense prevail.

a, clothing folded upright, clean and beautiful . Various parts of the flat ironing clothes, no hot yellow , water stains , light, no dirt, lint .

b, significantly stripe fabric 1cm or more in the required strip straight, horizontal material on the cross . Stripe symmetry, each difference is not more than 0.3cm, material for horizontal grid , each difference is not more than 0.4cm.

c, Nishun wool fabric requires consistent body forward .

d, check the sewing quality : each part of the line to be straight, neat , firm, elastic fit . Not allowed to have open lines, broken and continuous jump stitches. Keyhole accurate positioning , size, affordable , buttonholes neat solid. Various parts of the fight tacking accurate positioning, solid formation .

e, materials quality , color , performance, fit and fabric . To smooth zipper , button- smashing elastic fit together .